Prevent crossing movements that use both main directions at the same time

Submitted by john on Sun, 15/12/2019 - 16:26
restricted crossing U-turn

Common practice on major arterial streets to avoid disruptions to the flow by minor crossings, is to not have a median break opposite side streets, and to have U-turn breaks elsewhere. Pedestrian crossings are staged. Alternatively, a Restricted Crossing, U-turn layout as shown, is provided.

Where median breaks exist at minor streets, the right turns from the major road can be retained, but the straight across and right turns from the minor streets need to be removed. With the arrangement shown, linking for southbound traffic, fixes timing of left-in, left-out and right-in to Elizabeth St, on the right, and of pedestrians and cyclists crossing southbound traffic. Timing is different for northbound linking, that controls left-in, left-out and right-in to Albert St, and of pedestrians and cyclists crossing northbound traffic. U-turn opportunities may need to be provided in Hoddle St to replace the right turns and straight across for traffic from the minor streets .