Full signal control of all turns in slip lanes has better pedestrian and cyclist safety

Submitted by john on Sun, 15/12/2019 - 18:59

Pedestrian crossings are shown in blue. Right turns would have an early cut-off, “ECO” and left turns a late start, “LS” to enforce sharing of the phase time. With both left and right turns in the same slip lane and under full signal control, pedestrians and cyclists in their own sub-phase, can then cross after the ECO from one approach and before the LS from the adjacent approach, without any impact on capacity and with greater safety.

This full signal control of pedestrians in slip lanes is safer than filtering right turners through pedestrians. The lower cycle times of 2-phase intersections, and staged crossings reduce delay to pedestrians and other modes. Pedestrians cross fewer lanes than for conventional intersections.
Right turns, from up the page, are line-marked similar to a roundabout and signed with a give way for the left turn, from down the page, where they join the departure, labelled “GW”, because they are in the same phase, so that right turners are never stranded across through lanes at the end of the phase.