A design for Hoddle Street, Victoria Street two-phase intersection

Submitted by john on Mon, 16/12/2019 - 19:27
victoria st

Hoddle St & Victoria St A simulation of 2-phase operation is shown on Youtube

The proposed design has 4 (4) lanes S-N, 4 (3) lanes N-S, in a 2-phase intersection, with 6 lanes of cross-over on the N approach, a 2 lane cross-over on the W approach, a P turn from the E to avoid queuing on the tram tracks and a Q turn on the S approach to gain an extra through lane. (The numbers in brackets are existing.) Full signal control of pedestrians with no vehicles filtering is proposed. The proposal installed metering, removed congestion, removed bus lanes, smoothed flow, increased capacity, reduced delay by 31 minutes, halved CO2 emissions, and installed queue-jumping for a toll, yet retained free entry via a queue. Pedestrian delays were reduced by providing 60 second signal cycle times. None of these actions for this most critical intersection were included in the project.