Transport stops at ground level have acceptable appearance and accessibility

Submitted by john on Mon, 16/12/2019 - 20:21
metrino stop

Stops need to have a minimal visual target, and small footprint, without impacting on the traffic capacity of the street as shown in this podcar image. The roof and sides of stops should be removed to reduce the visual target, and to improve video security, as there is no reason for people to wait and shelter. Where it is desired to provide solar energy, it would be better to offer abutting owners free solar panels, battery, and free security than to install unsightly panels and degrade security at stops.

For a high level of service, stops should be directional, (directly connecting to and from one direction) with an adjacent U-turn to serve the other direction, and a U-turn extension to stable 30 podcars on average.

Podcar images are from Metrino.