Any Lock-down is Utter Stupidity

Submitted by john on Tue, 15/09/2020 - 18:53

There is a $1 rapid test available that can show when you are not transmitting the virus, so if you take the test before entering a crowd, there will not be any transmission. End of problem!

For all those with reservations, here are the answers to obvious questions from Professor Michael Mina and

1. Are antigen paper tests for Covid-19 accurate enough?

2. What about false positives?

3. Should we wait until Covid-19 rapid tests rival the sensitivity of PCR tests?

4. What if some people don’t cooperate with Covid-19 rapid testing?

5. Is Covid-19 rapid testing too expensive?

6. Can individuals be trusted to self-test for Covid-19?

There is only stupidity stopping us from opening up everything, subject to test-before-entry!

This extra testing would find carriers not otherwise detected and sooner!

Modelling of high frequency rapid viral antigen screening shows that it would be much more efficient and less costly than the current methods. High frequency testing is shown to reduce the death rate ten times at low initial rates of infection and could have been used instead of the Stage 4 lock-down with much faster success.

Vaccinated people will transmit the virus without symptoms, perhaps doubling community transmission, being harder to find, and the virus will circulate for decades to come. Unless the vaccine reduces the death rate by much more than 50%, the actual number of deaths from future outbreaks may rise. Testing strategies will then need to be more effective.

What are we waiting for?