Intensive Network Melbourne

Submitted by john on Sat, 11/07/2020 - 15:48
expensive network melbourne

This map of Scenic Rail Melbourne shows a closely spaced network, with stops typically within 500m. The network  comprises  1,745km of two-way 10m high guide-rail on poles, but otherwise with the same functions as for the previous map.
QGIS with Open Street Map, JC July 2020

It is surprising that to reduce the stop proximity from 2km to 500m only requires an increase in network length from 737km to 1,745km, and that is achieved by using a tree form, directed at local centers.

This finer network would be more convenient, and may even be profitable with more optimistic estimates, and the network should be staged with the highly profitable 737km basic structure to generate finance for its expansion. But walking or riding for the last 500m still requires protection from the elements and  bikes, electric scooters and wheelchairs will still be required, so the 2km proximity initially is recommended.

The basic rural network follows.