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Front Cover

The book “Crafting Green Waves and Aerial Podcar Warrants”  is in two parts, reflecting the title, and its content is shown on this site.

Crafting Green Waves is a complete prescription for removing congestion using existing traffic signals, operating the street in green waves at the speed limit, reducing disruptions in the counter-peak direction, increasing road capacity within the existing footprint by processing right turn conflicts on the intersections approaches in parallel with running the cross traffic, (so removing intersection turn phases and increasing capacity by 70%), treating 90% of traffic as priority traffic with a refined form of road pricing, yet retaining free entry and minimising restrictions due to the pricing. Crashes are halved. Emissions are halved. Example trips reduce from 40 minutes to 8 minutes. Bus priority is improved. Conventional intersections are relatively dangerous and should not be retained, and default acceptance of congestion is proven to be without merit.

Aerial Podcar Warrants looks at the available options for transport, including monorail, car share, driver-less cars, trams-trains&buses, road pricing, better roads, Ultra podcars, aerial podcars, and drones. Modelling a representative form of each, is evaluated against ten transport objectives of: crashes; assaults; amenity; congestion; trip time; revenue; jobs; reliability; CO2 emissions; and rural service. It confirms common knowledge that transport performance is going backwards, and will continue to do so with all the transport options bar one. There is a yawning gap between the objectives and what is being achieved, but no rational attempt to acquire a transport system to meet the objectives is evident, despite a solution being available. Aerial podcars can be 4 times faster than cars, extremely reliable, high capacity, and profitable, yet priced less than other options. Example networks are shown.