Map of example route

Submitted by john on Mon, 16/12/2019 - 15:57
example route

The Example Route from the Eastern Fwy at the Yarra River and down the congested Hoddle St, Punt Rd route to the river, now takes 40 minutes in the AM peak period and that duration would grow over time but can be reduced to 8 minutes with no future growth! As demand grows in future, the toll will need to grow and the free queue delay will grow.

Hoddle St from the Eastern Fwy to Victoria Pde has 4 lanes, middle arrow, including a peak hour bus lane. 40 buses/hour from the Doncaster area travel the freeway shoulder, down the Hoddle St bus lane, then to Melbourne CBD along Victoria Pde.
On another route, 5 buses/hour travel south along all of Hoddle St and Punt Rd, but south of Victoria Pde there are 3 congested lanes with no bus priority.