Removing congestion requires reduction in car traffic

Submitted by john on Tue, 17/12/2019 - 08:45
melbourne congestion

Infrastructure Australia’s Audit shows increasing congestion cost from $3B in 2011 to $9B in 2031, despite planned projects. Australian Infrastructure Audit Volume 2, Figure 62 is shown here. Delay estimates are made with respect to off-peak trip times.

Poor planning has resulted in inadequate transport reserves, that would be too disruptive to widen. The only conventional options to remove congestion are: to tunnel, involving excessive costs, and providing limited functionality; or to price travel, that reduces equity, and living standards. Congestion includes public transport over-loading.
In addition to the $9B wasted by congestion, off-peak slow trips waste a further $13B as shown below under “trip times”. Eliminating congestion is too modest an ambition. An enterprising target should at least be based on desirable trip time at 60kph.

Requirements: To remove congestion: 80% of traffic must be attracted out of cars.