Aerial podcars are the only option that meets all the urban transport system objectives, notably amenity

Submitted by john on Tue, 17/12/2019 - 15:45

Elevated two-way podcar tracks would have slender and inexpensive structures, suitable for a network 800km in length, providing 2,400 stops on the ground at the 2km proximity of metropolitan rail. The “last mile” is serviced by 1,300km of feeder modes such as bikes. But regulation of excess profits to intensify the network to stops at 500m proximity is proposed. Suspended vehicles permit steep vertical alignment and stops at ground level, with minimal footprint. Vehicles will have small capacity, like cars, and be highly maneuverable, permitting interchanges within narrow rights of way, and allowing personal routes, from origin to destination without stopping. They will have off-line stops, and off-line turns, giving high capacity and trip speed. The structures can be contained within the verge, side streets or shop fronts and will not reduce capacity of arterial roads. Suspended podcars will be able to deliver from point to point with personal trips, like a car, and attract most people away from cars because of superior reliability, trip time, and cost, and because of low vehicle weight, 300kg, and smooth operation, their profitability is huge. They will have video monitoring.
As a result, Aerial Podcars will:
* reduce crashes by 80% using exclusive track;
* improve public health and reduce assaults by 50% using video monitoring, private vehicles, personal routes, and no waiting;
* improve amenity by reducing car traffic by 80%, using quiet, clean, unobtrusive, low cost, reliable, quick vehicles;
* remove congestion;
* make trip times 4 times faster;
* generate $30B revenue;
* recover or create 1,000,000 more jobs;
* create trip time reliability and support the possibility of managed traffic;
* reduce CO2 by 80%;
* but it is not fast enough for rural service.
In short, it meets all 9 urban objectives, notably on amenity, and is by far the best of the alternatives.