Scenic Rail Victoria

Submitted by john on Sat, 13/06/2020 - 16:01
Scenic Rail Victoria

This is an extension for the 733km network of Scenic Rail Melbourne with 797km of Scenic Rail Victoria. It would provide waiting vehicles 24/7 for trips between any two stops in the whole network. Vehicles would accommodate bikes, electric scooters or wheelchairs for the "last mile " of trips.

QGIS with Open Street Map, JC July 2020 
(Towns 500+ green, 1,000+ blue, 6,000+ red).

Routes to Geelong, Sunbury and Melton may be profitable. Routes to Ballarat, Ocean Grove, Drysdale, Leopold, Torquay, Bendigo, Bacchus Marsh, Traralgon, and Whittlesea will require cross-subsidy. Routes to Shepparton and Albury require significant cross-subsidy. Route length is the main cost as operating costs can be recovered at current fare rates.

Profitability relates to the network operator, includes capital costs, and does not include customer benefits nor revenue from freight nor in-vehicle advertising.

Population centres marked on the map and similar centres for the rest of Victoria were examined as candidates but the required subsidies would range up to ten times greater. An additional network of 5,577km is required to service these rural towns and is shown on the next screen. It is a radial, not grid, network. Separate consideration of tourist investments would be warranted with better understanding of the cost structure.